Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Secret Circle - 6 Hereditary Lines of Fornekja

The Secret Circle - A Circle of 6 Hereditary Lines

In follow-up to my previous few posts, I note that the tv show I watched last night was one in a series called The Secret Circle. Though about a group of teenage witches, it indeed contains alot of interesting information about some form of witchcraft - particularly, some form of witchcraft intimately connected to who I am.

In this series called The Secret Circle, the idea featured significantly in the plot is that a complete circle consists of 6 witches (from 6 hereditary family lines of witchcraft). Interestingly, my secret circle, my birth rune (my ancestral inheritance), consists of 6 lines which complete the circle (othala)! These are the 6 hereditary lines of witchcraft, the natural witchcraft of my ancestors called Fornekja.

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