Sunday, May 12, 2013

Links In A Mystery Chain

Mystery Chain Rune Equation in Elder & Short Twig Younger Futhark Runes
How I envision the connection between Othala (inherited ancestral Tradition, in my mind) and Arfr (ᛆᚱᚠᚱ), that is, Tradition as linguistically encoded in Old Norse:

Othala ---> Runa ---> Arfr

Othala (ᛟ) in form seems to me to be of a feminine essence or androgynous (and wholly transcendent).

Runa (ᚱᚢᚾᛆ) is the partially hidden, yet active feminine principle transmitter (activated as opposed to active transcendence in Ur mixed with immanence). Runa orders or arranges that to be transmitted in the Underworld, draws it up into superconsciousness, rains it down into consciousness, and returns, passing it to Arfr.

Arfr (ᛆᚱᚠᚱ Old Norse for transcendent Ancestral Tradition as a opposed Sithr or customs ) is the active male principle transmitter (actively immanent).

The Younger Futhark rune Ar (ᛆ) is given to be descended from the Elder Futhark rune Jera (ᛃ). The rune Ar at the end of Runa and at the beginning of Arfr could reflect the individuation of Jera into two runes Ar. The individuation of Jera into the two runes Ar could be seen as "the reward for the actions of the past" as Edred Thorsson writes in Northern Magic, making the point of transmission from Runa to Arfr a point of judgment for good or bad such that the rune Naudh (ᚾ) in Runa could represent the critical turning point in the process from transcendence into immanent manifestation.

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