Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ansuz - The Witches

Last night's nightly rune drawing - Ansuz, followed by some of last night's dream.

I was found by a man and a woman traveling together from a dark group of witches. I joined up with them. We started out toward the group's school hall and meeting place.

It was dark outside, night time. We walked down I-74, the interstate which runs near where I live. There were no vehicles on the interstate, in any lane, or from any direction.  I laid down in the road while the man conducted some claiming-marking and initiatory ritual over my body as the woman kept watch.

Then we proceeded to the witches school-meeting hall, where witches from all around gathered. I was put into the care of another woman witch at the place and magically groomed, right where I stood in the hall, for the gathering. As I was being groomed, I began shapeshifting where I stood, transforming and growing into my full awesome witch form. Others, both new witches and seasoned witches, started gathering around me as the grooming witch was magically pouring toward me the spell causing me to "show myself," to unfold as the witch I am. They were awed at my form and power.

I stretched, my form levitated, my feet leaving the ground, and I hovered hanging in the air. I looked toward my feet, which were greenish - I had extended long toes and demon-like feet. I felt my fingers were the same, although I didn't look at them. I felt the power of myself course through my body, unfolding my form, I felt the awesomeness of my electrically charged transformation. So did everyone gathered around. I was a very powerful witch. My body was vibrating-trembling ever so slightly, buzzing with the energy of my transformation. The witches gathered around were ohh-ing and ahh-ing with wonder over my transformation.

After this, I pulled back into my "normal witch" form as we all later made our way into the meeting hall for the witches gathering. There were bleacher seats where most of the witches sat, myself included with my two friends, the two who had brought me into the group. The head witches were down at the front and started the meeting. It was time for us to all transform from our normal witch forms into our witchy witch forms for the meeting.

Everyone began their transformation, as did I. Most witches did not levitate, I'm not sure any others did in fact, but when I transformed, my powerful witch form naturally levitated from the power emanating from me. Again, everyone, even in their witch forms, started looking at me, awestruck by the ancient awesomeness I exuded even as I was still transforming. The head witch, her transformation completed, started talking, sounding afraid.

One of my friends, even as I was floating still in the process of transforming (my transformation took longer as it went farther), challenged the head witch's power, exclaiming, "look! here is our Head Witch who will lead us in the right direction!"

I finished my full transformation - I was an extremely tall, ancient witch, my form breathtakingly powerfully. I flew down to the front of the room and put my hand out in the air over the head witch. She disintegrated, leaving only her clothes in a pile on the floor. She was no more. I picked up her secret card and publicized it to the room, that head witch was no more. I was now the Head Witch.

The other witch who had been at the front of the room by the side of the previous head witch was shaking in her chair, fearful of what I would do to her. I went over to her and demanded her secret card. She gave it to me. I publicized it to the gathering of witches, but I told her she would get a new secret card. I didn't disintegrate her like I had the previous head witch, who had taken a turn to lead the group in the wrong direction.

I flew up over the crowd of witches in the bleacher seats, showering out gold blessings over all of them as I flew.

Business was finished and we all began transforming into our normal witch selves. Again, my return to my normal witch form took longer as I had farther to go. I was back up in the bleachers with my friends by a refreshments punch bowl. I was still transforming back, but I still played some magic with my female friend over the punch bowl, each of us shooting waves of magic into the bowl from our fingers, making a green witches' brew punch for everyone to drink as part of the refreshments being served. We were having fun, laughing and playing, making the witches' brew.

My male friend came over and sat by us as we finished making the witches' brew punch. We were laughing from having a good ole time doing this girlie girl magic. He sat down beside me as I wiped over one of my eyes with my hand, which left it surrounded with black like real witches's eyes have. My male friend wiped over my other eye with his hand, leaving it also black like real witches' eyes are. He kissed my eye as he did it, saying to my girl friend, "I brought her in so I could kiss her."

My transformation back into normal my witch self was complete, I was a normal witch again like everyone else.

I woke up. Now, that's an awesome Ansuz witch dream!

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