Monday, May 27, 2013

The Nature of the Dragon

In follow-up to my previous post, I've just encountered another synchronicity with my friend as mentioned in that post.

A few minutes ago, I picked up one of my new books, Aegishjalmur, the Book of Dragon Runes by Michael Kelly, to begin reading it. Just glancing through it, I came across this:

We will begin dealing with the full initiatory symbolism of the Sigurd / Fafnir myth in the next chapter, taking it to its culmination. But first, it is appropriate to investigate the nature of the Dragon and its attributes a little more closely.

I stopped right there, struck by this. Now, I haven't read anything else in this book yet, but it certainly is another synchronicity in my life that I must record. The most recent dream I've shared has a dragon in it - only the dragon in my dream appeared as a beautiful unicorn-like white horse. This must be the nature of my Dragon. My dragon reminds me of Sleipnir.

Of course, I certainly do remember when my dragon was indeed a fire-breathing blood-curdling wonder, and I imagine many people who have known me for a long time can also remember when it was.

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