Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Nauthiz Rune Poem - Dawn in the Forest

Reworked from my old geocities website - Dawn in the Forest.

remember, I remember
when living dreams lived, like primeval mists rising
unbeckoned, natural, songs on the wind
the world, beautiful, once, once when
when you, everthere in my shadow
in the whisper breathing, with my ear
there, there were you
wherever, wherever my foot found to walk
there, there were you
once, once
I remember
there were you, with me, behind me, beside me
I in your shadow, walking, talking soft as a thought
gently, truly, dawning life, laughing notes of delight
wonder, the wonders evernew, and there
there were you, soothing like dawn
a melody playing, softly in the forest swaying
there were you
where, tell me where, where
are you

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