Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Geno 2.0 - My Archaic Hominid Ancestry

"The Neanderthal percentages presented in the Who Am I? section of Geno 2.0 results were calculated using a sophisticated analytical method. We continue to refine this method, and for this reason your result may change slightly over time as we make improvements. Thanks for helping us to better understand our shared ancestry with these hominid cousins, and for becoming a part of the Geno 2.0 extended family."

"The Denisovan component of your Geno 2.0 results is the most experimental, as we are still working to determine the best way to assess the percentage Denisovan ancestry that you carry. Don’t be surprised if your percentage Denisovan changes over time—this is a result of our team refining the analytical method we use to calculate it. The evolution of this data is just another way you are actively involved in helping advance knowledge of anthropological genetics!"

My Archaic Hominid Ancestry

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