Sunday, May 12, 2013

Havamal 164

My thoughts on Havamal 164 (translation source):

Now the sayings of the High One are uttered in the hall
for the weal of men, for the woe of Jötuns,
Hail, thou who hast spoken! Hail, thou that knowest!
Hail, ye that have hearkened! Use, thou who hast learned!

The first line refers to the actuality of a creative utterance being put forth, the act forthspeaking that which follows.

The second line is both a blessing and a curse, the specific one actualized in any particular person's life wholly dependent upon the intent of the one listening - a blessing for those seeking evolution of consciousness, or a curse for those seeking to cause disruption or harm.

The second and third lines are the delivery system ... the speaker is first judged, those who are most evolved are judged next, those who are more evolved are judged after that, and then those who are evolved are judged. In other words, the blessing/curse manifestly flows from top to bottom. The word, "use" seals the utterance against influence from outside interference and acts as a portal into the realm of Midgard.


delivery system - words which function to move the raised energy from potentiality (unmanifest) to actuality (manifestation)

judged - point where the intent of the individual is determined by structures and thoughtforms present in the soul of the individual; the person's own soul structure, coupled with acquired complexes, makes that determination in natural consequence to and in congruence with his/her own past and present actions, feelings, thoughts, etc. (whether concealed or revealed). In note, a curse can also function to make adjustments in the soul, much like experiencing the mystical Dark Night of the Soul.

evolved - more consciously aware and attuned to one's Wode-self

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