Thursday, May 23, 2013

Beyond the Boundaries of the Universe - The Master Game - Able

Hagalaz - Beyond the Boundaries of the Universe

In follow-up to my previous post, after falling asleep early this morning, I dreamt. Though many of the details have faded, this is what I jotted down about the ending of the dream:

I was in a house with many rooms, being "chased" (of sorts) from room to room as I was trying to avoid being poisoned by someone on the outside. The person (or persons had some kind of paternal grandfather connection) and at one point, slipped worms into the carpet of the dining room through sliding glass patio doors. I saw what he did and didn't step into that room to be infected by the worms. Instead, I went into the living room and walked toward the front door which was locked.

The grandfatherly poisoner was coming toward the front door, but I "busted out" through the front door into an entirely new larger building of rooms, leaving him behind outside the little house. There were others and other families in this larger building also going room to room, being "chased" (sort of, but not in an aggressively dangerous sort of way).

A dragon (which actually looked like a beautiful white horse or unicorn) from outside one window in one room "came into" the room through the (paneless) window with us. Many were afraid, but someone said the dragon was not dangerous. It came up to me as I faced it and just looked at me, then it went back to its place outside the window. I felt it's evaluation and approval of me. I felt stamped with a seal of approval by it through its gaze.

We all came to the final room. Outside the big paneless picture window was a great dark void. We were standing at the boundaries of the Universe. Outside the window, the dark space was a charged magical void (ginnungagap). Directly in front of us but outside the paneless window, was a sort of "desk island" or station that was "tethered" to the room structure in which we were standing - this station was the last possible place to go to see and yet still be able to return to the current structure. I had the feeling that going beyond that, by jumping into the magical void, one would either "dissolve" one's individual consciousness or remain whole of individual consciousness for a new incarnation.

Some were afraid, and wanted to "just see" what would happen if someone was pushed out the window. Someone pushed out an older woman and she fell into the magical void. We couldn't see what happened to her. The only way to find out, was to go out the picture window oneself.

We were all waiting for our medical test results to see if it would be safe to go outside into the magical void, either to the tethered station or to jump into it completely. A medical worker came into the room with everyone's tests results. I was handed mine. On the front of the envelope was my name - Lori Lappin.

I opened it. Being a medical professional myself, I noticed that some of my results were beyond the bounds of "normal" range. As I was looking at my results, the medical professional who had delivered my results watched me and spoke to me as I was mentally noting the values of mine which were beyond the bounds of normal - she said my results were "very good," dispelling any idea that these "not normal" values might be a bad thing. In fact, my results were very good because of the values which were beyond the range of "normal."

I had been a single person not part of the nuclear families in the room with me, but I then became aware of my mate (fylgja) beside me. He was still not sure that it would be safe for us to go outside the paneless window fully into the magical void or out to the tethered station (from which we could still return back to our current structure (incarnation). He communicated to me his thought that even though I was a whole cosmic seed, we might remain stuck in that state and remain like that forever. But I knew, I just knew, and said to him, "you expand it." We would not remain stuck like that or dissolve - we would reincarnate whole again. I knew if we jumped out the window, we would take off our current forms and be reborn whole of individual consciousness again, because I was strong enough to hold us together, and he was strong enough to expand us from our cosmic seed. We are strong enough, we are able.

I woke up.

Interestingly, in the same tv show I watched last night between my previous Fornekja post and my Birth Rune post, another synchronicity occurred in that episode - in my dream was featured a magical tether (just as was featured a dance called Fire and Ice) - my Universe finds ways to teach me.

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