Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Geno 2.0 - My Ancestral U5b1b1 Motherline Regional Heatmap

This map in my Geno 2.0 results from National Geographic's Genographic Project shows where my U5b1b1 ancestral genetic motherline mtDNA haplogroup is found in high concentration. My motherline mtDNA haplogroup is found in highest concentration in the lands of the Saami of Northern Artic Europe. Geno 2.0 doesn't analyze mtDNA in as detailed a fashion as does Family Tree DNA (through whom I had my mtDNA fully sequenced) - my more detailed ancestral genetic motherline is actually U5b1b1-T16192C! - the genetic "Saami signature."

My Saami mtDNA Hg is concentrated in Northern Artic Europe.

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