Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fornekja - Synthesizing Pieces of Meaning

Piecing together the meaning of fornekja (Old Icelandic Witchcraft) ...

forn - old, ancient, former

ek (personal pronoun) - Old Icelandic - I; Old Norse - I

On one Asatruar's webpage called EKJA, the word ekja is equated with the English word edge, and while I'm not sure where his connection to meaning is coming from, clearly there is some precedent beyond myself for equating the word ekja with the word edge. This is an important meaning (as far as I'm concerned) for the word ekja, given the fact that I have already linked this word (through the word forn-ekja) with seeing the shaping of my edges and edges in one of my preincarnate memories.

In Old Norse, the ja suffix was sometimes attached to a stem to denote a masculine agent. In my experience, this ja suffix denotes the attachment of my contrasexual fylgja to me (the I or ek), making the word ek-ja in my experience to reflect the unity of myself with my fylgja. Ekja thus refers to a joint I-fylgja complex of experience (as shared in some of my preincarnate memories).

Ekja (f.) can also mean carrying or carting. Thus, ekja can also refer to both my preincarnate and incarnate conscious experiences of carrying my fylgja with me.

Taking all of this together, the ancient traditional Germanic form of withcraft called fornekja may be legitimately and linguistically connected to the practice of a witch who carries remembrance of an ancient former state of Being which carried her fylgja in experiential consciousness even as her edges were being shaped.

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