Friday, May 31, 2013

Ek Forn Norn

In my previous post, in my Ansuz dream, I am an ancient witch who determines fates, and to whom are relinquished (and from whom are granted) "secret cards" which function (in the dream) as each person's token of destiny, like a package of DNA determines genotype.

The Icelandic phrase, ek forn norn, means I, ancient witch.

The etymology of the word norn is disputed, but it may come from the Swedish word norna (nyrna), a verb that means to "inform secretly".

Norn, in addition to meaning "witch" and "to inform secretly", may also mean "to twine."

My dream is underscoring to me that my Being finds genesis of consciousness beyond the deepest layers of örlög in the Dark Goddess of Old Fate.

So, I think that while many runers may use the phrase ek erilaz in runeworkings, I will use the phrase ek forn norn.

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