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Naudh - Back to the Beginning of Life

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Yesterday, I created several new offerings for my Etsy shoppe, Witchcrafts Artisan Alchemy. Among them, I created two powerfully potent new dark arts oils, namely Dark Draconian and Black Sabbatica. For these two oils, I developed a necromantic poem spell:

Out of the deepest depths I call you,
From dark dreams, silent wells and black visions,
Rise upon the murmuring mists edging the Night
Through the Dragon's Eye in the Void,
Let dead lips open, and blood runes of awareness fly forth
And let the living listen ...

Last night's rune drawing was naudh, the rune which drives evolution. Then, I dreamt.

I was driving my car, all at once, near the court house, the hospital and town center shopping plaza. In the passenger seat was my friend who was a boy. I dropped him off at work, at the hospital-court house (these places were distinct in appearance, but I saw them both simultaneously) located in the western part of town. Then I drove east down Main Street, toward Pennsylvania Avenue where I lived (used to live in real life). I was now driving a nice new shiny black and powerfully built pickup truck (reminds me of the Dodge Ram-tough slogan).

I pulled into a restaurant which had curb service. This restaurant does not exist in my town in real life, at least it hasn't existed here in my lifetime. (I had a sense of time past mixed with time present, so perhaps this restaurant existed in the past.) There were also booths and tables inside the restaurant. I went inside and placed my order for takeout. Two men ran the restaurant. They recognized me, people had been there looking for me.

Back out in my power pickup truck again, I placed my food order container on the passenger floorboard while I drove. My container of food was in a Long John Silver's fish dinner box. I continued driving east toward Pennsylvania Avenue.

I went inside my house, but instead of being inside my house, I was in the house of my business nemesis (who was not at home). In a back room, the old grandfather lay on a bed in a coma state. He was trying to communicate with me - telepathically - instinctually, without words or images, I came to know that there was a stack of DVDs in the living room - I was to go download them (watch them). I went into the living room and downloaded the DVD's into my mind. These DVD's contained family memories.

As I was downloading, I saw my nemesis and her boyfriend at some mixed point in time in an apartment. They sat down together on this rounded large chest-like stool-like chair. As they sat down together, the insides of the stool-chair collapsed like a vacuum, sucking them down into the void within it.

Then I had a vision where I saw the North American continent. The northern border (of the USA) shared with Canada and along the western coast were being consumed by the void (like Nidhogg consumes). It reminded me of the Langoliers eating up everything in their path, only instead of leaving a black nothingness, they left a white nothingness - a formless white void. I issued a warning to those living in the path of the expanding whitish void of the danger of being consumed into aconscious nothingness.

Then I was back in the house of my nemesis, and was worried about being caught as an intruder, even though I thought I had entered my own house. Then my nemesis, her boyfriend and her mother came home and found me. My nemesis didn't want me there, but her mother did. At this point, I realized that we were part of the same folk soul. Though I was experiencing this part of the dream action from the perspective of being in the house of my nemesis, I was not an intruder, I was kin. So, I stuck around and my nemesis went off in a huff into another room (the kitchen) with her boyfriend and a few other friends.

The mother of my nemesis and I went into the back (and now basement room) with the grandfather who lay in a coma. The grandfather now had characteristics of being both a grandfather and a grandmother. The mother of my nemesis and I prepared the body as if we were ritually preparing a body for burial, although the body was not dead, but in a death-like still-living state.

The body was wearing a vest. We tied the ties which were part of the structure of the vest. The vest reminded me of the breastplate of judgment (the choshen mishpat of Middle Eastern Levant tradition, and looking it up after waking, of a Northern Tradition indigenous tribal shaman's breastplate - and particularly as it pertains to tribal cultures, to the dress of "light shamans").

Then I saw that a bassinet-shaped collection container near one wall in the room was collecting "smelly yellowish liquid shit" (like the stool of someone with advanced alcoholic cirrhosis) from a stoma from the body (note - I rarely drink alcohol). As I noticed it, the mother said to me, "yes, we (the family of my nemesis) have to deal with this shit."

As we completed tying the ties on the body's vest, a mass of water was welling up around the house and threatening to collapse the walls inward. A hall door to the outside by the body's room bulged inward and collapsed, but it reformed as I looked at it, and no water flooded into the house or collapsed its walls, even though the water still surrounded the house all around. We walked up the stairs toward the main part of the house.

I woke up briefly, recorded my dream, then fell back asleep, and dreamt again.

I was with others at a fancy boarding school. I wasn't sure if I belonged there, so I pretended to be a worker employed by the school. I went to a back room (one of my sons was with me while I was doing this) and took medical notes, acting like I was doing some work in case I was caught being there and I wasn't supposed to be.

But, someone came in (an old female DON I used to work for) and asked me to join everyone else in the banquet room to eat. As I walked through another dining room toward the banquet hall, I picked up a delicate teacup which had been sitting on a lovely wooden antique cupboard with orange juice in it and drank it.

In the banquet hall, I went up to the buffet with others in the line and started fixing my plate of food. I looked for the ice, and the person beside me pointed to the bowl of ice cubes. I picked some out and put them into my glass.

Then suddenly, I had a vision of a single celled organism surrounded by emptiness as I woke up startled by the intensity of the sight of the very first cell from which all life began.

Laying in bed, it also came to me suddenly that the ginnungagap (magically charged void) is consciousness associated with the very first ancestral cell from which all life began (and superposed, to each single cell from which each human being still begins life), and that the division into polarities of fire and ice are related to the very first case of cellular mitosis leading to reproduction. Importantly, the ginnungagap is a magically charged (black) void containing the spark of consciousness, whereas the (white) void associated with Nidhogg is an aconscious void which is not magically charged with consciousness as is the ginnungagap.


My poem is one I developed specifically for my own work - it was fashioned in the manner of two poems - one found in the Havamal in the Poetic Edda and another one in Aegishjalmur, the Book of Dragon Runes by Michael Kelly.

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