Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Cosmological Key Flows Through It

In flowing connection to my previous post, Friday night's rune drawing was Kaun. Last night's rune drawing was Fe. Last night, I dreamt.

Initially, my eye was caught toward watching a news report on the television about a developing story in Texas. As I turned my attention toward the story being reported, I became a disembodied observer watching the events unfold at the scene(s).

Right outside of the Texas town (which was not identified in the dream as any specific town) by the sea on the eastern coast, sinkholes began opening up in the earth, when then, at the bottom of the sinkholes, molten fiery watery yellow orange red lava broke through and oozed up, making pools of lava. The lava sinkholes were coming to town toward a sprawling University campus. Oddly, despite the danger, people were still going and sending their kids to the campus to class, thinking that the lava sinkholes wouldn't really come that far and would stay on the outskirts of town - almost as if they were thinking "the lava wouldn't dare." But, it did dare and I saw a lava sinkhole open up in one empty lab classroom. Then, lava sinkholes began opening up all over the campus.

I woke up.

This dream is not only connected to the dream I had a few nights ago, but to repetitive dreams I've had for decades over the course of my adult life (although it has been many many years since I had the last one before this latest one last night).

In my repetitive dreams like this one, I have either been in my own town (where I went to nursing school) or in the town about 30 miles away (where I went to University to get my degree in research biochemistry) or in the redneck rural area just outside my town's city limits called Grape Creek. In my dreams, I am in these places where lava is breaking through the solid earth (no sinkholes in my repetitive dreams before this one) and I am jumping over the open places using the remaining and moving solid portions of the earth like stepping stones, trying to get to a safe place. Most of the time, I made it to safety, but one time, I was swallowed up by a ocean sized wave of lava near the road which leads to Grape Creek. Though I was swallowed up by it, my consciousness wasn't dissolved in it. That particular dream was quite a long time ago, maybe around 10 years ago (and it was also the last dream I had like this before this latest one).

In my repetitive dreams of lava bursting up through the earth, I have moved it seems from being one trying to avoid the lava myself to one observing it from a distance. Also, the lava itself has moved from the midwest in the heart of the land to a coastal area near the sea.

Both Kaun and Fe are related to fire. All of the dreams are concerned with towns where there are institutions of higher learning (as there was also in the dream from my previous post). There is a water connection in these dreams - Grape Creek is a rural place attached to my town with a fresh water creek flowing through it - this corresponds to the salt sea near the coastal town in this latest dream. Both water and salt are among the eight directional elements (earth, air, fire, water, salt, iron, yeast, venom) in the magical system of Northern Tradition, and both elements are required to sustain organic life. Another distinguishing difference between previous dreams and this one - there were no earthen sinkholes in my previous lava dreams, but there was an ocean sized wave of lava in one of them (from an oceanic sinkhole back through time?)

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