Friday, June 14, 2013

Hagall - Seed of Solution

Bifrost Bridge

This is going to be a complex post, but I am going to write it as best I can to hopefully illustrate just how elegantly complex the deep mind works.

Last night's rune drawing was Elhaz (Algiz). The previous night's rune drawing was Hagall. Both were drawn in proximity to my newest candle Noble Beast (Gofugt Dyr) listed in my shoppe on Tuesday.

Last night, I dreamt.

I was in a large university science classroom that had five huge chalkboard-screens up at the head of the classroom. Students were challenged to put forth each his or her own theory on the matter at hand. Several students did, and each theory was evaluated together by the class. Then, I accepted the challenge and came up to write my theory out on the boards at the head of the classroom.

I kept writing ... and writing, and writing, until I had the whole faces of all five boards full of equations and graphics and words delineating the details of my theory. The teacher and students were wowed. The teacher requested I put the information on overhead transparencies to be used in the next class, which as soon as asked, I had the completed overhead transparencies in my hand.

I was ok with letting them be used for teaching the next class, but they were my work, so I wanted to take them with me when I left to use them in my continued work. So, I stayed as an observer for the next class and missed my bus home.

Another male student was sitting at a desk near mine, and a second male student at a desk near the first male student near me. We three teamed up as it became known in the classroom that many teachers and other 'government' workers were going to lose their jobs and not get paid in order to grossly overpay the top people in the 'government' (I interpret this to symbolize the overall ruling spiritual powers in an established order of human organization - not as any particular real life human government). It wasn't fair, it wasn't right, it wasn't a JUST flow of resources (reminds me of the hoarding of the Nibelungen treasure).

We three left the classroom as the class finished. I had my overhead transparencies with me. We three headed over to a car to go to our homes, but the car wouldn't start. We needed to rig the car to be able to start before dark, as we couldn't fight the government at the level we were at (and we needed to get the car started to get to where we were going - the next level). So, one of the guys opened up the hood, took out a bag of garbage from underneath the hood of the car, and threw it into the dumpster. The car started and we got in ...

... to a spaceship. We were out in space with our crew working on the project developed from my theory. My theory involved cheap and clean manufacture of a new essentially endless energy that would free up humankind as never before. It was so cheap, clean and abundant that even the poorest could get all they needed. But it made the people in the 'government' angry, as they didn't want this new energy source to become available on earth. They had anticipated that I would work this project out into reality, and had planted a betrayer on our spaceship who was going to sabotage and attempt to destroy our successful endeavor. That betrayer was the second male student who had been sitting near the male student who had been sitting near me.

As the first male student and I discovered this, I found myself thrust back into a car - which promptly got into an accident. I was going to die unless we figured out the solution. The first male student was outside the window of the car as it lay from the accident. He blurted out, "IN YOUR ÞURS (purse)! It's in your Þurs!" In other words, the solution was in my Þurs. I reached over, reaching into my purse, and pulled it (the solution) out. As I did this, these runes and words flew forth, "ᛉᚦ together forever." We had won the solution and outwitted fate. All was well and I woke up safe in my bed. Ideas poured out.

ᛉᚦ together forever (the solution) is a two-edged sword and a Rainbow Bridge.

The two-edged sword Rainbow Bridge is my birth rune Hagall ᚼ.

ᚼ is composed of a bindrune consisting of Elhaz and two runes Þurs, as quantum chaotic Þurs can decohere it's structure into any manifest form to show it's other face as can Hela, such that the point of each Þurs is infacing.

Elhaz in Hagal:

Hela's two infacing runes Þurs are additionally composed of two runes Kenaz and two runes Isa - signifying the Torch-Illumination of the Noble Beast face to face and in communication with the Torch-Illumination of the Highest Wode Self. Consequently, Hagall represents bringing the ultimate light of awareness from darkness, where darkness is the source of light.

 Hail Hela!

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