Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Saami Runes and the Tree Serpent

An few interesting tidbits, in follow-up to my previous post ... In an article on Runes and Serpent Worship Among the Saami, I find this:

James Fergusson mentions in the book “Tree and Serpent Worship” (1873) that the Saami still worshiped serpents and trees in the early 1800eds.


Even if most objects and monuments of the ancient Saami culture are lost, there is some evidence that support that the Saami used runic scripts since the Iron Age.

On a shale spear point found in Åsele Lappmark (Sweden) there are engraved runes that are dated to 400 – 600 CE and the authors of the following article concludes that they could have been engraved by Saami people.

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