Thursday, May 16, 2013

Óþörf & the Mighty Thurs

In follow-up to my previous entry, the word used in Havamal 164 (commonly translated as both un-needed or woe) is óþörf.

The transliteration of óþörf into Younger Futhark runes is ᚢᚦᛆᚢᚱᚠ (ur-thurs-ar-ur-reidh-fe).

Looking at the runes which formulate the whole word (óþörf), the first ur and the ar-ur surrounding the thurs could be seen as strengthening the thurs, while the last letters reidh-fe make the strengthened thurs both mobile and increased. So, looking at the runes of the word this way makes a case for seeing the word as potentially curse-like and whether or not it actually plays out that way is wholly dependent upon how one handles the thurs rune. The runes themselves make the case for the word carrying a potentially curse-like energy, as opposed to merely the "woe" translation making the case.

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