Thursday, May 02, 2013

Earth-Mountain Jotun Near Encounter

Before going to bed last night, I read a ritual concerning contacting one's fetch. Then, last night, I dreamt.

I was driving my car carrying 3 other passengers. I'm not sure who my passengers were, but the two in the back seat were female. The third one in the front passenger seat was more known to me, but I neither know who the person was, nor if male or female.

I had turned northwest off a valley interstate highway, went up an exit-off ramp, and pulled into a gas station-pantry to refuel and for everyone to get drink and food nourishment for continuing the trip north. The gas station sat at the top of a high hill, a little bit back away from the road. The interstate below was in a valley plain, and in the distance behind the interstate were rocky sand-colored mountains.

I got something (a fruit smoothie or some kind of juice, I think) to drink, although I think there was a bit of disagreement as to what kind of nourishment I should get - there was a low level argument between the two back seat passengers. I'm not exactly sure what their argument was about because I ignored them and just got what I wanted. They got whatever it was they wanted and we headed back to my car.

Back at the car, I wasn't comfortable transporting something one of them had put as baggage into the trunk of my car, so I opened the trunk up and took out whatever it was I found to be objectionable and dangerous to transport. Again, I'm not sure what it was, but whatever it was, I took it out and discarded it. The women balked a bit, but it was my car.

After discarding the objectionable baggage, closing the car trunk, I was facing toward the interstate back from where we had come. The interstate and exit-off ramp were full of cars and other vehicles. Suddenly, I saw a male figured sand-color rocky giant charging across the valley towards the off ramp from which we had just exited a short time before. I felt no danger that the giant would come up the hill to where we were, but it was clearly crushing vehicles as it strode across the valley towards the exit-off ramp.

I tried to yell and warn the people in the vehicles on and entering the exit-off ramp about the giant, but they neither saw the giant nor heard me. The giant raised its fist in the air and crashed down on top of the cars on the exit-off ramp, crushing them.

I woke up.

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