Friday, May 17, 2013

U5b* Dukes, Kings & Queens

I have no idea if any of the U5b* people below are directly related to me through my ancestral genetic motherline, but I thought I'd share this for any others who might be interested in this Germanic genetic information.

Kings & Queens of Germany

Elisabeth of Bavaria (c. 1227-1273) => U5b* (mtDNA)
Elizabeth of Carinthia (1262-1312) => U5b* (mtDNA)
Frederick the Fair, Duke of Austria and King of Germany (1289-1330) => U5b* (mtDNA)
Joanna of Bavaria, Queen of Germany and Bohemia (c. 1362–1386) => U5b* (mtDNA)
Albert II of Germany (1397-1439) => U5b* (mtDNA)

Dukes/Kings & Queens of Bavaria

Louis II, Duke of Bavaria (1229-1294) => U5b* (mtDNA)
Henry XIII, Duke of Bavaria (1235-1290) => U5b* (mtDNA)
William II, Duke of Bavaria, Count of Holland, Zeeland and Hainaut (1365–1417) => U5b* (mtDNA)
Albert II (1369-1397) => U5b* (mtDNA)
John III, Duke of Bavaria-Straubing, Count of Holland and Hainaut (1374/76-1425) => U5b* (mtDNA)
Louis IX, Duke of Bavaria-Landshut (1417-1479) => U5b* (mtDNA)

Dukes/Kings & Queens of Bohemia

Boleslaus II the Pious (920-999) => H (mtDNA)
Henry VI of Carinthia (c. 1270–1335) => U5b* (mtDNA)
Rudolf I of Habsburg (1282-1307) => U5b* (mtDNA)
Joanna of Bavaria (c. 1362–1386) => U5b* (mtDNA)
Albert II of Germany (1397-1439) => U5b* (mtDNA)
Elisabeth of Bohemia (1409–1442) => T2 (mtDNA)
Vladislas II of Bohemia and Hungary (1456-1516) => T2 (mtDNA)
Anne of Bohemia and Hungary (1503-1546) => H (mtDNA)
Elizabeth Stuart (1596-1662) => T2 (mtDNA)
Ferdinand IV of Bohemia and Hungary (1633-1654) => H (mtDNA)
Maria Amalia of Austria (1701-1756) => N1b (mtDNA)
Maria Luisa of Spain (1745-1792) => N1b (mtDNA)

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