Thursday, December 25, 2008

Transformation Of A Demon Creature

כ"ח כסלו תשס"ט
Shamash 29

Last night I dreamt.

A demon-like creature with wings landed on the roof over the closet to my bedroom. I heard the thump of its landing. Someone had sent it to invade through the closet and destroy me. From outside on the front porch at the opposite the end of the house where the closet and the creature were, I looked and saw very unusual dark stormclouds in the skies. This storm had been magically created to carry the demon creature here. The storm carried firestones in it - there were no fires in my yard, but I saw one in the yard across the road. Nevertheless, I wasn't afraid of either the storm or the creature. Neither could penetrate (דקר) the sanctity of my space.

I woke up and considered what to do about the demon creature on the roof. At first I thought I might create an expanding energy shield to send the creature off into space. But I decided against that, and decided to keep him. To do that, I simply redirected his face, turning his gaze from toward the closet to toward the space off the roof. I made him into a protective gargoyle and loyal guardian.

Sent to destroy me, the once demon creature turned gargoyle now protects me with steadfast fidelity.

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