Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Magic Word

ל' כסלו תשס"ט
Grael 1

As I was waking up this shabbat morning, a mysterious magic word came into my conscious awareness. The word I saw was 'pesenesach' (pronounced in my mind as pay-seh-neh-sock). The magic word, which means nothing to my normative awareness, brought with it the immediate meaning of worthiness.

In the magical Hebrew alphabet, pesenesach could be spelled פסנסח.

Drilling down into the word to find more meaning, the 'p' sound corresponds to the Hebrew letter pei (פ, pronounced 'pay') and pertains to communication and to the transmission of esoteric knowledge.

The next letter samech (ס) corresponds to the ideas of circle, sphere and encircling.

The next two letters (נס) spell nes which means miraculous event.

The final letter chet (ח) corresponds to both the lifeforce and to the gateway to the mysteries.

The last three letters (נסח) in combination form the shoresh (root) nasach meaning to 'pluck up'. In Jewish meditation, nasach pertains to clearing the mind of all distraction. In my own experience, nasach is intimately related to my epiphany of 1967, where I was 'plucked up' into the mystical experience of a lifetime.

Taken together, the magic word pesenesach contains the code:

worthiness -> active communication -> circlecasting - > miraculous event -> pluck up

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