Sunday, December 14, 2008

Perfect Love And Perfect Trust

י"ז כסלו תשס"ט
Shamash 18

The fifteenth shaman stone in my Temple Collection represents the magical spirit of Child who lives naturally, simply, purely, truthfully, with spontaneity, joy and wonder, in perfect love and perfect trust. Designated as the shaman stone for the sacred spirit of Child is the natural amulet, a hag stone. In witchcraft, the hag stone is associated with faeries, is a key to the doorway into the mystical Otherworld and dispels the evil eye.

Karl Lembke explains perfect love and perfect trust as a Law of the Craft:

Perfect love and perfect trust are not blind devotion and obedience, to people, to institutions or to the laws of the Witches. We trust that the laws that have developed over the years are crafted with the best interests of the Craft and its followers in mind. We also trust that the people who crafted the laws had the time to test them, and see that they dealt with the problems they were intended to address.

But sometimes a law turns out to be a bad law. Sometimes a law yields a result contrary to its intent, or requires that people adhere to standards they are incapable of meeting. When a law fails in these ways, it is incumbent on Witches to resist it, and to do everything in their power to change it. And this we are required to do by our love of those whom the law is supposed to benefit. If a bad law is allowed to stand, it damages the faith of the people in the law, and makes the law as a whole untrustworthy. We need to be able to trust that the law will not guide us to a bad result, or demand of us things we're unable to give.

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