Saturday, December 27, 2008

Playful Survivor

א' טבת תשס"ט
Grael 2

Thank Goddess for friends through whom She communicates! My friend Makay has brought into my awareness the identity of the thirty-third spirit in my Temple Collection of shaman stones.

It is the spirit of Squirrel.

For about a year and a half now I have been steadily employed full time after a very long stretch of years of unemployment (sprinkled with a few months here and there of significant underemployment). Given my current experience of steady full time employment I have been on a minor spending binge to obtain ritual tools - like a squirrel stocking up should winter come again.

On Squirrel as a power animal, it is written (Beyond the Rainbow):

Like most people who have bird feeders, I have had battles with squirrels, most of which the squirrels have won. Despite my frustration, I have learned to feel a deep respect for this animal.

The idea of insurmountable obstacles is not part of Squirrel's viewpoint; nor is giving up. I once saw a film about an obstacle course designed to prevent squirrels from getting to bird seed. It included slides, revolving doors, and at least a dozen other obstacles. It took the squirrels less than a month to figure out what had taken scientists over a year to create.

Squirrel is a survivor of relentless determination!

As the shaman stone for Squirrel, I am designating chrysoprase. An apple-green chalcedony, chrysoprase is a magical amulet of protection which helps make conscious the unconscious, strengthens workings of the higher consciousness and brings fresh insight. Other shamanic qualities include: bringing success, joy, happiness, friendship and material abundance. It aids in bringing clarity to issues so that a solution may emerge.

Squirrel also likes to have fun and play!

And the winner of the game is ultimately Squirrel!

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