Thursday, December 11, 2008

Accidents In The Air

ט"ו כסלו תשס"ט
Shamash 16

Vehicle-related accidents are in the air. After reading a post over at Mystical Paths, I realized I had not yet posted regarding my own experience with vehicle-related accidents recently.

First, a week ago (last Thursday), my daughter slipped on the ice and sprained her ankle. It could've been worse, but thank Goddess it wasn't. She had been dropping her two smallest children off at her sister-in-law's home while she attended class at the junior college. The toddler was on the porch when she slipped on the way to get the baby out of the car. She could've been holding the baby when she fell. The toddler could've run out into the street while she was incapacitated on the ground with what was thought to be a broken ankle. My daughter could've had a broken ankle, but she didn't. I took her to the ER, and thank Goddess, my employer was very understanding that I had to attend to my daughter. All ended well.

This past saturday, my eldest son's truck slid on the ice on the interstate and rolled over a few times. It could've been worse, but thank Goddess it wasn't. He could've been hurt. He could've been seriously hurt, in fact. As it was, the only scratch he sustained from the whole event was in the ER from the hospital bedrail. I met him at the ER, and thank Goddess I arrived safely despite the slippery conditions on the road. All ended well.

Last night, I had a dream. I had "missed" also having a car accident earlier the day before (preceding the dream). I recalled after the dream that, the evening before, one car approaching mine from down the road whizzed by me very fast in the dark on my way home from work yesterday. It had come very close to my car, over near or into my lane, such that it caused a weird sound to be created in the air current between our cars as it whizzed by mine in the dark. My "just missed" accident is linked (in a good way) somehow to the word Mississippi. Dunno why or how yet, but the word came out in the end of the dream as I was waking up and is connected to "missing" an accident that may have been fated for me as well.

Accidents are in the air, yet despite that, all is well for my family and I. Thank Goddess.

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