Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Greater Than Dark Or Light Alone

כ"ז כסלו תשס"ט
Shamash 28

The twenty-sixth shaman stone in my Temple Collection is dedicated to the medicine of steadfast remembrance (corresponding to my preincarnate memories), represented by the spirit of Penguin, whose wisdom includes life altering mystery, intrigue and transformation. Penguin waddles and cares for its single egg (or baby penguin) with steadfast determination and focus. With fluid grace Penguin swims, and with complete connection to it's inner rhythm Penguin toboggans on it's stomach with joy and agility at speeds up to 25mph. In the manner of royalty and perfect derekh eretz, penguins often bow to one another in acknowledged respect of the other.

The black and white colors of Penguin represent the unification of dark and light into a single state of actualized being, one greater than either dark or light alone.

As the shaman stone for Penguin, carrying the energies of overall wellbeing and living knowledge of the perfection of the Universe, I've designated tourmalated quartz, a white crystal with well-defined black tourmaline inclusions.

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