Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Active Disenchantment

כ"ז כסלו תשס"ט
Shamash 28

The twenty-fourth shaman stone in my Temple Collection is a recently acquired three-specimen set of aqua aura crystals which represent, with the force of three-fold Law, the spirit of Mermaid (tachash and dugong). The wisdom myths of Mermaid (tachash and dugong) communicate the ability to overcome and break free of harmful enchantment, to connect mind with heart, and to recognize truth. This shaman stone is connected to my previous entries, Pathwalker and Ketonet Pasim.

Myths Of Active Disenchantment

The little mermaid, who gives up her tail for enchanted love only to find herself trapped in lovelessness, returns to the deep in an act of active disenchantment and becomes a spirit of the air.

The enchanting mysterious tachash is skinned (representing an act of active disenchantment) and its skin is used in constructing the tabernacle.

The dugong is a rather homely sea creature who represents the ability to withstand the enchantment of the sea sirens' song.

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