Friday, December 12, 2008

Mississippi And The Staff Of Moses

ט"ז כסלו תשס"ט
Shamash 17

In follow-up to my previous post (Accidents In The Air and its enigma Mississippi), last night I dreamt.

Little bits first - I was gathering up my kabbalah books. There was a group at my house. It was raining lightly. I was aware of the old bomb shelter nearby. Then I with my boyfriend, and then we and our little group, were in a bicycle-balloon-like ancient flying machine. My boyfriend and I were co-navigators of the flying machine. I had the feeling we were rebellious children in a way - LOL. Nevertheless, we were correct in what we were doing, in whatever it was we were rebelling against.

We were flying toward a highly fortressed castle, in some sort of indirect challenge - as if getting to the castle was a well-known, longstanding and indisputed impossibility. Of course, rebellious children that we were, we were set upon successfully doing the impossible.

As we flew toward the front of the castle, the guardians readied to shoot us down, with bows and arrows and such. Suddenly, our flying machine veered from its straight-on approach, swerved around and landed on the older, more ancient "hidden dangerous side" of the castle, where the guardians refused to go. The guardians and everyone else in the castle (even the "royalty" who lived there) refused to go to that side because a giant primordial mystical snake inhabited that part of the castle. No one ever dared go there. In ancient times past, the few who had tried had not survived. Of course, against the eons of darelessness, we dared. We landed there at the summit of the castle's snake-side tower, avoiding the arrows which would not now be shot - for the guardians would not even go to the snake's side of the castle, and neither did they think we'd survive the snake.

We landed at a cafe-like landing, got out of our flying machine, and refreshed ourselves with some soda or coffee or something. We sensed the snake coming up from deep inside the place as we drank our refreshing drinks.

The snake was after me. We all knew it. The ancient giant snake appeared shortly after we finished our drinks. It was going to eat me and eat me it did! LOL. I went in its mouth feet first, but then, after it had swallowed me whole, I shrunk its size down to manageability from inside its insides. Then, I emerged, as whole as I had been when I had entered it, from another opening at its other end. The snake was visibly shaken. I think the snake was seriously perplexxed about the entire experience because it hurried off to reorient itself after I stood up following my reemergence. I rejoined my companions, who were also a bit stupified, and then, we prepared to go snake hunting (to capture it sort of, not kill it - I felt a bit of affection for it now, actually).

We prepared trucks full of ice for the snake-hunt. The feeling was that we were somehow protected by the ice as if the snake couldn't smell us with ice filling the sefari-like trucks we now had. We were going to take this castle, I knew it.

I woke up.

Laying in bed after I woke up, the dream reminded me of the story where Moses got swallowed up by a snake. My story is not quite the same though. LOL. Still, both Moses and I emerged whole from our swallowed by a snake encounters.

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