Saturday, December 20, 2008


כ"ג כסלו תשס"ט
Shamash 24

Last night I dreamt.

My children (as they were when they were little) and I were at home preparing. We had a frolicking happy puppy dog inside (initially) and big guard dog outside (additionally as the dream progressed).

There were sweet cakes in the dream, brought out from a bottom corner cupboard-like door-like drawer of the mirrored dresser in the bedroom. This drawer had once been dark and avoidably spooky, but now it had been cleaned out and cakes placed in it. I took some of the cake out and ate a bite. It was a little bit dry from sitting uncovered for a period of time in the cupboard drawer but without deathly poison, so I took some cake out for my children as well.

Going back into the living room, the front door was wide open on a sunny early summer morning, letting in the bright sunshine, as we were awaiting the arrival of someone. The sweet smell of the earth like after a rain was in my nostrils, carried to me on the light of the morning as it struck the land in my front yard. There was no danger as the door stood open to the smell of the Earthlight - the big dog outside kept predators away from the safe neighborhood in which we lived.

I went to find the two dogs some food to feed them too.

I woke up and designated my nineteenth shaman stone.

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