Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dare To Dance Your Own Dance

כ"א כסלו תשס"ט
Shamash 22

The sixteenth shaman stone in my Temple Collection represents the spirit of Hare. Strongly associated with witches as a traditional familiar, Hare shapeshifts into a powerful ancestral wise witch of one's female line who knows all the secrets of the Earth, of cunning craft and of mysterious synchronicities.

Hare dances with eccentric joy and leaps with abundant happiness under the sweet moonlight. She teaches us to dare, to run across fields, to dance on the hilltop, to feel the wind in our faces, to hear what we never hear, to see what we never see, to be aware. Hare sniffs the air and knows with clear mindedness.

Often occultly associated with physical birthmarks (for example, hare lip or other 'witch marks'), Hare's gifts are oddity, eccentricity and the potential for rare creative, spiritual or prophetic greatness.

The stone I've chosen for Hare is actually the fossilized resin of coniferous trees from the Oligocene epoch known as amber. Once a living substance, amber corresponds to the 'fifth element' which unites and binds together earth, air, water and fire. Rubbing amber against silk or wool produces an electric charge and consequently, corresponds to the sweetening of reality through the kabbalistic concept of chashmal.

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