Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Witch's Foundation Stands

י"ח כסלו תשס"ט
Shamash 19

In follow-up to my entries of Thursday and Friday this past week (Accidents In The Air and Mississippi And The Staff Of Moses), I just found an interesting angle to the Madoff scandal which broke Thursday with Bernard Madoff's arrest by federal law enforcement officials on charges of securities fraud. The Jewish Journal reports:

The first known charity victim, according to JTA, is the The Robert I. Lappin Foundation in Salem, Mass. which gave away about $1.5 million to Jewish causes.

My surname is Lappin and Salem, Mass. is well-known historically for its witchcraft trials of 1692 and currently has a large community of witches, the city having been reclaimed from history as a spiritual center for American witches in this century.

Uncanny, the synchronicity. Thank Goddess my personal foundation as a witch wasn't caught up in that huge roll out of judgment.

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