Friday, May 27, 2011

Safe House III - The Bird's Nest

כ״ג באייר תשע"א
Mab 25

In follow-up to my previous two safe house dreams (I and II), yesterday nature added another voice on the matter as well. A pair of robins began building a bird's nest over the porch light where I live. Today the nest is complete and has the rounded cup form (on top of the porch light lid) of a typical nest. It seems this family of robins think I live in a safe house too, so they are making their home over the porch light right by the back door. Even our frequent going in and out of this much used door has not deterred them from building their nest over the back porch light.

Perhaps the black goddess (known as Sara-la-Kali~Sara by the Gypsies), who is intimately involved with weather magic and nature, and whose sacred pilgrimage to the sea occurred on May 24th (perhaps when the water of the sea was released as I subsequently dreamt in the May 25th Safe House dream), called out to them as well and told these two robins to build their Safe Nest on my home.

Clearly, no coincidence. The Divine in both it's male (the bird's nest connection) and female aspects (the sea/ocean/weather/nature connection) is involved in this matter of my dreams and the link of my dreams to natural occurrences.

Also in related note, the evening of the 24th (the night of the black goddess Gypsy pilgrimage to the sea and the night before the 25th dream) I was having a problem getting to sleep due to coming and going twisting muscle 'chest pains' (not usual for me) which were ultimately relieved only by taking stress-relieving Lorazepam (as I had discussed with a friend of mine the next morning). About 1/2 hour after taking the Lorazepam, I felt a 'pop' (in correspondence to the dam 'breaking' in my subsequent Safe House dream that very night) in my chest which immediately relieved all the tenseness in my body, including the chest pains. The sudden popping relief of stress and the subsequent pain relief which rushed over my body like water are relevant to my recent dreams and actual happenings of nature.

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