Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Safe House

י״ג באייר תשע"א
Mab 15

A friend of mine may be right - it is all for good. I was angry that I was fired from my most recent job for apparently no good reason (again), but given the dream I had the night before last, Providence may have arranged my dismissal to keep me safe. My dream -

I was out in an open field somewhere near but not in the area of my own home. The area of the field was flooding, and all the field except where I was standing was deeply under the flooding waters. Soon, where I was standing would also be flooded, so I needed to leave and find my way home. The only problem was that all around me the field was flooded and the land lay beneath deeply flooding waters.

Suddenly, I saw my path - in the place where I had stepped out into the flood waters lay a securely firm land bridge. The land bridge rose up to just beneath the surface of the flood waters so that unless one was looking down from right above it, it could not be seen. It was just beneath the surface also, so that the waters which covered it only covered over the top of one's foot. The waters which hid it from normal view were not deep at all and were safe to walk through. Standing on the land bar, I could see that the land bar bridged my entire way across the deeply flooded field.

I walked on it toward my own home. On the way, there was another house I came upon. It was in process of being flooded - I could see that the doorway into it was immersed in the waters of the flood halfway up, as was the house itself. My children were inside visiting. I had to go inside and retrieve them and take them home with me, to our safe house. I opened the door, careful to keep the flood waters from rushing inside - not sure how I did it, but I opened the door in such a way that the flood waters were not allowed inside as I completed my business there.

I went inside. The house was full of people partying. I searched for my children among the crowd and throughout the rooms of the house. There is a flood coming outside I told people, but they went about their business of partying and didn't listen to me. I retrieved my children and we left the house that would soon be overrun by the full strength of the flood waters, stepping again, my children with me now, upon the safety of the land bridge running toward home, heading home to our own home safely sitting outside of the place of the flood.

I woke up.

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