Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wrestling with Destiny

כ״ה באייר תשע"א
Mab 27

Last night I dreamt. I wrestled with a giant spider. I won the wrestling match, and the giant spider, retreating, conceded the match to me.

Spider is a shamanic totem who embodies all the infinite possibilities into which reality may unfold the future. Spider teaches us to take responsibility for our choices and actions, all of which come together, in the present from the past, to wyrdly weave what will become. Those who fail to take responsibility for their choices and actions, and those who refuse to learn the lessons provided by the past, become entangled in Spider's web and a seemingly unchangeable reality. Those who work the force of Wyrd actively and consciously participate in creating Creation.

Cool dream.


~ Jayne ~ said...

Spider personifies creativity and the weaving of fate, illusion, threads of life, a totme of weavers.
Deities and legendary characters represented as spiders include Ts'its'tsi'nako the Old Spider Woman and Anansi the trickster of Africa. In India the spider is the weaver of the web of Maya, illusion. As the destroyer of insect life, it is a guardian against invasion of the lower forces. It is the maternal, feminine force par excellence, inasmuch as the female destroys the male upon completion of mating. In her web she stands as the center of the world. In her spinning of the web and devouring her prey she parallels the waxing and waning of the Moon, involution and evolution, the alternation of birth and death. The spider, as the Moon, then weaves the destiny of everything in the world. The spider has also recently become something of a representative totem for the world wide web.
~A Tale Of Anansi~
Anansi once tried to steal all of the Wisdom plants, the source of all wisdom. He took all the plants, put them in his calabash, tied it around his neck and started climbing up the Tree of Life, where he lived. The calabash got in his way and he could not climb up the tree. A young girl saw his dilemma and tied the calabash to his back for him. He then raced to the top of the tree. Soon he realized that even with all the wisdom he stole, the girl had been wiser that he, so he decided that he couldn't use the wisdom, so he threw the wisdom plants off the tree. Then the wind caught them and spread the wisdom all over the world for everyone to enjoy.

Myfanwy said...

Thank you for the great information! I am always enriched by your comments, Jayne.

Clayton said...

I had a real bad experience with an 8 sided talisman before, which can be construed to represent chaos. As spiders are known as one of the few creatures to have precisely 8 legs, in my mind I have a distaste for them. So maybe in some abstract way you were wrestling with chaos?

Myfanwy said...


Dare to be true to yourself.