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Sprouting From My Roots

Following this post on the eleven 2-letter roots of etz chai, I dreamt.

I was staying temporarily at "changing" (shinui) boarding houses in a nearby city to go to classes at the university. And, for some reason, like the contamination of "time" mentioned in a previous dream, I couldn't stay at my parents' home. The contamination was only contamination for those like me, not for "the normals" (like neurotypicals) who were not sensitive to the "time contamination".

I was in an alternate reality. I thought to travel back to my parents' home to pick up something and bring it to where I was, and I was immediately there. I "traveled" (kefitzat haderech) between realities by just thinking about it. I directed my attention toward someplace or some action, and I was there or it was done.

In the dream, I was taking university classes with a girl friend (chaverah) of mine.

Between classes, we had to change clothes (levushim). To change clothes, we had to miss a class. Changing clothes, I put on a pretty white linen (kittel) dress, a white t-shirt, and a white "girdle" - there wasn't any underslip in the closet in the room where my friend and I were staying temporarily. I knew we wouldn't be staying there for long anyway. Something big was coming.

There was a rumble deep deep in the "place" beyond the screen vision of my dream. My "form" was no longer participating as a form in the dream - I was omnipresently observing (shor) the people of the boarding house now.

The rumble was like an earthquake, but it was also "in the heavens" (aravot) where reality was "created". There was like molten fiery material (tzurah and chomer) from the deep heavenly realm just "outside" the boundaries of the "house of the dream". (In other words, the entire dream was "housed" by the symbolism of the house now; it was a Beit Yosef.)

I saw molten fiery material "drip" secretly through air vents. None of the other inhabitants of the house were aware of the coming change. But, I observed it coming.

Down in the laundry room, a cooling (materializing) yet still fiery thick newly created "tree root" (of Torah) ancient of days penetrated and burst like a behemot through a clothes dryer door, astounding all the inhabitants doing laundry. Some massive reconstruction of the foundation of existence was going on, all realized.

שור A new reality is coming.

I woke up.

One of the 2-letter hebrew roots I considered last night but decided not to use to describe the individual categories within my Hall Of Records formed part of a 3-letter root which carried the meaning "emerging tree root". That 3-letter root I relocated in my book this afternoon to use as the shoresh (3-letter hebrew root) to characterize the entirety of my Hall Of Records. I eventually settled on using a 4-letter word derived from this shoresh, which I will now explain.

On the symbolism of the emergence of the tree root in my dream this morning:

The 3-letter root (shoresh) I was considering as I was deciding on 2-letter gates (she’arim) for the categories in my Hall of Records is גזע which means "emerge", "sprout from soil", "family stock", and like in my dream - "emerging tree root" [1].

מגזע is a word (found in Yishayahu 11:1) derived from the shoresh גזע.

But a shoot shall grow out of the stock of Yishai,
A twig shall sprout from her roots.

The word מגזע has a gematria of 120, samech סמך, support.
The shoresh גזע has a gematria of 80, yesod יסוד, foundation.

The word מגזע is found in Yishayahu, perek (chapter) 11, pasuk (verse) 1 – a reverse vision of my 1 Hall of Records which has 11 categories.


[1] Etymological Dictionary Of Biblical Hebrew, R' Matityahu Clark


What exactly is the Geder of Geze? The dream of the emerging ancient tree root is obviously speaking to my lineage in some manner as well, even though I am a ba'alat teshuvah.

The dream also pertains to the שור Shor Habor through the "line" which connects the hei ה of Sarah and the chet ח of Serach (see Parah Adumah Ritual II) through the gate of שר.

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