Saturday, November 11, 2006

Beit Hamikdash

In my previous entry, I noted the symbolism of the 2 hour time separation in my dream about the House On The Corner. In this entry, I will compare the actions of the thieves and the action of the woman by the wall in the dream.

The thieves carried out their robbery in broad daylight. It was hidden from no one. All during the course of the robbery, though I feared for the lives of my children, the thieves - even though they carried big machines guns in full sight - they never once acted to do violence against either myself or my children. They just took stuff. Then they left. Without perpetrating any violent action.

On the other hand, the woman by the wall had a concealed handgun. I only noticed and saw it when I analyzed her flippant words "tough break". And only I saw it. Even then, after I saw it, she tried to deceive me, leading me to believe that it was "only for protection". She led me to believe that she intended no harm to me by carrying a concealed handgun onto my property. When I turned my back, she shot me with intent to kill - only her handgun backfired [1], delivering to me water [2], and delivering to her the lethal bullet. Importantly, the bullet entered her neck, symbolic of the beit hamikdash, as she waited [3] by the wall to ambush me.

In summary, the thieves did not conceal their intent or actions, which were essentially nonviolent, though they "acted" to scare me by showing off their big guns. In contrast, the woman by the wall concealed her intent and action, which were essentially maleviolent and violent, though she "acted" harmless and nonthreatening.


[1] In The dream, she was the 3rd woman in a line of 4 females sitting against the north wall of the house. Her gun backfired (like the heel on the letter beit ב), delivering to her her own bullet and delivering to me water, mem ם.

[2] As discussed in my previous entry (see link above), the 2-hour wait in my dream is characterized by the letter ayin ע, which itself alludes to (Ayn Aytom) "the spring from which water was taken for the Beis HaMikdash".

[3] Like in the movie, the 2-year "waiting" period (which in my dream was a 2-hour "waiting" period) pertained to avoiding death. In the movie, by waiting, the man avoided being struck dead by a vehicle in an accident. In my dream, by waiting, I avoided being struck dead by another woman's homicidal bullet.

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