Wednesday, November 15, 2006

In The Morning, Critical Analysis

I dreamt.

I was working in a laboratory. It was a humble "underdog" sort-of laboratory. The professor was also in broadcasting (communication science). Like radio broadcasting. He had an assistant radio jockey, like assistant professor.

All in the laboratory, including me, were preparing for a scientific symposium. The instructions for everyone were to go home and get some rest [1], because in the morning [2], we would be traveling [1] to the symposium.

I approached the professor. I needed to know what to pack in my suitcase for the trip. He seemed unconcerned - like all the "details" [3] were being taken care of. All I needed to do was "go home and get some rest".

As I turned to go home and get some rest for the symposium, I "saw" into the future "of the symposium". I noticed that one of the other women in the laboratory wore a man's suit (beged ish) to the symposium (as if she thought that wearing men's clothes made her "science" more credible to the scientific audience), while I was wearing a woman's suit.

I woke up.


[1] Bamidbar 10: 35- And it was with the going forward of the ark [that] Moses would say [lit. said] 'Arise Lord and your enemies will be scattered and those that hate you you will flee before you'... 36- ...and when it rested, he said [lit. will say] 'Return Lord, [to] the myriads of the thousands [or the tents/troops/families] of lsrael'. nun hafucha

[2] "in the morning" implies "with critical analysis" - From The Inner Dimension:

The very same root bakar also means "morning" and most essentially, "critical analysis"--the ability to distinguish between different states of reality. (This also leads us to understand the meaning of the word boker for "morning"--the time when dawn allows us to distinguish between states of reality that were previously in the dark.) From the fact that "cattle," bakar is the first species mentioned for sacrifice we learn that the beginning of drawing near (karav) to God is the ability to distinguish in oneself between good and evil, and to rid oneself of the evil. This is like the "morning" (boker) star beginning to shine in the consciousness. One cannot come close to God and sacrifice himself if he doesn't have the power of bakar.

[3] As I have begun to "critically analyze" and my "dream details".

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