Saturday, November 11, 2006

Innovative Biur

I don't always report every detail of my dreams online. One detail I didn't write about previously from my dream Yirat Hashem was that the "place" where the woman and her husband were picked up by the Nazis and the "place" where I had the bubble pack of 4 pink pills was all at once a house on Brewer [1] road where my cousin "Susan" used to live, a community building and a movie theater.

The name "Susan" is "sus" with a nun-sofit (סוס-ן), where the final nun implies perpetual continuous action. R' Yitzchak Ginsburg teaches that the symbol of a horse implies the evolution of nature, the 42-letter Name of G-d and the power of creation.

Consequently, I think this "detail" suggests that the time had been reached where "the nature" of the life choices of the dreampeople had become "set" with respect to how the lives would progress during the present lifetime. In other words, like the "rule of 3 times" establishes a "pattern of addiction", so too, had the "time" come when the pattern would have been established to be irrevocable during this lifetime without the intervention (death, prison or pink medicine pills).

The pink medicine pills in my dream looked like Darvocet-N, which is a narcotic analgesic (pain-killer). I don't take this medication in real life, but as a nurse, I do administer it to others. Only in the dreamworld of yetzirah were 4 pink pills prescribed for me "to take".

In the dream, at first I threw the bubble pack of pills across the "theater" room away from me, as I hated the job of being a nurse. But, as I realized that the pills had saved me from being killed by the Nazis, I retrieved the bubble pack of 4 pink pills that had been prescribed for me.

As I was waking up from a dream today, I heard in my mind "here, you are a nurse."

Footnote:[1] Brewer ביאר-ר is "on the way" (the derech) of innovative biur ביאר, which is one way of elucidating Torah.

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