Monday, November 13, 2006

Connect The Dots

Oddly, another repeated detail in my recent dreams is the presence of a clothes dryer. In the dream mentioned earlier, where I was a guest in the house of a woman who wanted to steal my "pink" nightrobe (my nightrobe is actually white), she hid it from me (as I was packing to go home) in her basement clothes dryer. "It's still wet", she told me when I found it, "let me dry it and then I'll send it to you." But, I took it with me, even damp.

The point is that a dryer is present in this dream, as was a dryer was present in the "emerging tree root" dream.

Likewise, symbols of being a "guest" have been present in several dreams, recently here, here and here.

"Pink" and "wall" are other recent repeating details: the pink nightrobe, the pink pills and the "death wore pink" dreams; and northern wall and western wall dreams.

I need to do some sort of simple factor analysis of these repeating symbolic details. The details remind me of dots (from olam ha-nekudim) which need to be connected together. Like the game of connect the dots, if I connect them, maybe I'll see a pattern emerging. One good thing to note - I have some dots! - which means, they aren't breaking! Hey! Hey!

I need to make a plan on how to do this.

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