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Day 3 - Tuesday Correspondences

Tuesday - Day 3
Please note, these correspondences have been adapted from several sources and may differ from traditional astrological correspondences. All designations follow the planet for the day according to Sefer Yetzirah.

Symbolic Language & Mathematics

Celtic ogham letter -
Hebrew letter - ד
number - 4
permutation - דגב כפרת
vowel - cholam
"42"-letter name - נגד יכש

Astrological & Metaphysical

space/planet - Sun
Hebrew name - Shemesh, Chamma שמש, חמה
Sumerian name - Utu
Egyptian name - Ra, Aten
Babylonian name - Shamash
orbit cycle - 365 earth days, ~ 30 days in each sign
retrograde periods - none
satellites - -
degrees moved on average day - ~1 degree/day
channel - keter to tiferet
sefirah - tiferet
mazal/rulership - leo (aryeh, אריה)
firmament - Shachakim
earth - Arka


Hebrew archetype - Yaacov
Celtic archetype - Belenos
Germanic archetype - Sunna
Greek archetype - Helios
Roman archetype - Sol
seal/archangel - Raphael
malachim - Chaniel, Lahadiel, Machniel
mythic animal - phoenix


concept - self nullification & reorientation
soul - right nostril
gift - progeny, seed
direction - east
color - yellow
basic energy - success
basic mystical energy - focusing will, psychic energy
element - fire/air
metal - gold
tree - birch (beith)/laurel
incense - frankincense, laurel, balm of Gilead, bayberry oil, olibanum
oil - cinnamon oil
gemstones - topaz, yellow diamond
mundane animal - eagle, lion, cock, scarab


heliotrope, goldenseal, cinquefoil, saffron, ash, sunflower, dandelion, marigold, citrus, yarrow


light, darkness, work, accomplishment, travel, exile

Energy Keywords

ego, fame, extroversion, individuality, left brain, mental power, hope, honor, success, ambitious, arts, creative, cruel, leadership, music, dramatic, idealistic, vain, dignified, proud, pretentious, self-assured, generous


hope, money, respect, fame, success

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