Saturday, November 18, 2006

Biological Weapons Delivered To Palestinian Area

I dreamt.

I was formlessly observing all throughout the dream.

There was an American TV show cast and crew filming for a TV show (not a documentary) in a Palestinian territory. Because the people associated with the TV show were American, they were "allowed".

The area had a flat landscape and a landing field for airplanes. There were many airplanes there. A battle broke out near the filming building (but far enough away that the building wasn't hit), to the left of the building as my attention "faced" the front of the building. The explosions from the battle happened to the left of the filming "headquarters". The battle was not directed toward the building where the film crew was located. The force of the explosions sent planes skidding down the runway field, some burning as they crashed together.

The cast and crew tried to "lay low" and to stay out of the battle. Palestinian militants came to the building to examine it and the people, looking for evidence of an Israeli among them. Had an Israeli been found among them, all would have been executed on the spot. Some among the Palestinian militants were advocating for executing all anyway.

The militants were also looking for evidence of knowledge of some secret. The building was ransacked, looking. All would have been executed had whatever they were looking for been found. Nevertheless, the cast and crew were ordered to leave the war zone. One of the crew members may have been executed in secret. Why?

Focus changed. The Palestinian area was now in a low area that ran parallel to a road at the top of a hill. There was a trailer park in it at the bottom of the hill where Palestinian militants lived, with their families. A car pulled into one of the driveways, even as a war battle was going on around. The fierce battle was focused on attacking those who traveled the road at the top of the hill, beneath which the trailer park sat.

Focus changed. Americans associated with the film crew were executed in a stop as they traveled upon the road back toward the Israeli areas. One of the Americans had discovered a liquid biological weapon in a barrel hidden among the deliveries of food (delivered by land vehicle) for the Palestinians. This is why all were executed.

A man tried to call his wife and family also traveling on the road to warn them, but even as he spoke to her, the family van was stopped by Palestinian militants. The family was also suspected of knowing about the deliveries of the biological weapons. Two children were in the backseat and killed with "sleeping gas". The woman driver of the van was also killed in this manner.

I woke up.

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