Thursday, November 30, 2006

Mighty Mouse Of Emunah

Earlier this evening, Jack shared the Anishinaabe medicine wheel (shown above) with me. Anishinaabe (keepers/protectors of the Sacred Fire) is one of the two Native American tribes of my ancestors through my father.

Interestingly, "mouse" rules the water according to this tribal medicine wheel. Mouse is also one of the two power animals which have "spoken" to me during states of altered consciousness. Significantly, mouse is distinguished by the pivotal role he played to the epiphany of 1967.

Instrumental to protecting my life in 1967, mouse may have also protected my life in the event described by my dream this morning. In the dream, enemies attempted to drown me. Yet, I emerged unshackled and alive (as did my "husband") from the water, which mouse rules. This is one mighty mouse I have for a power animal.

הטוב והמטיב

As mouse is also associated with the south on the medicine wheel shown above, the south I have associated with the vowel (nekudah) kametz on the medicine wheel I made previously. In recognition of mouse's ever-faithful (אמונה) service as my "guardian angel" which endures the test of time, the vowel kametz (ָ) will mark the mem מ (the letter corresponding to water) "casting" my sacred "circle", the one cast by HaMasovevet. Both the vowel kametz and emunah are associated with the sefirah keter; more specifically, with the "unknowable head" in Atzilut of partzuf keter, Reisha d'lo Ityada.

May my ancestors and the people Anishinaabe be blessed with shalom v'kol tuv (peace and all good, שלום וכל טוב).

ללאכו המָסובבת

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dorsieh1 said...

So glad you shared this-your presence, sharing, and spirit are a sweet blessing in my own journey.

Can you please check the epiphany link?

Liorah-Lleucu said...

Thank you for the comment. Link is fixed.

Dare to be true to yourself.