Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Creaturely Encounters


ג' תשרי התשס"ט
Blodlessing 4

Walking about in the grass of the yard this afternoon, a cricket hopped into my path. And stood there, looking at me. It watched me in my shadow and it watched me in the sunlight. After several minutes, I laid down in the grass not two feet from it, and watched her too. I moved my face to within a foot of her and still, she watched me as she nibbled on a blade of grass. I watched her and she watched me for quite a length of time.

Eventually, I got up and let her eat her grass in solitude. As I walked, a butterfly flew across my path, right in front of me.

Cricket and butterfly, these two creatures came to me on the second day of Rosh Hashanah.

The totem cricket symbolizes "finding light within the dark." It is a familiar spirit who watches over and guards the home.

The totem butterfly is a symbol of "transmutation and the dance of joy." It brings the sweetness of life into expressive being.


Lars Shalom said...

hey!!still love this blog

Lori said...

Thank you.

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