Monday, July 30, 2012

Loridi - Thor - My Wyrd Name is Lori

My hand forged Thor's hammer w/ oath ring (to hallow my Troth-claiming blot).

 Wow and wyrd!

Thor is an even older deity than Odin who came to Europe around the first century BCE. The worship of Thor is so archaic that he became a part of the Saami people's religion of northern Scandinavia, in Baltic Estonia and Latvian Livland. Thor was still worshipped among the Saami people during the 17th century ...
... (his name) was Loridi (my real name is Lori), who resembled his (her) father ... his son, his son (and more) ... his son was he is named Voden (Odin). 

Loridi means "the loud rider" and/or "the loud weather god" and is another name for Thor. My ancestral genetic motherline is U5b1b1, the foundational haplogroup of Saami motherline one. Perhaps I am a soul daughter of Thor as well.

Just how WYRD can a person's path get? What more amazing discoveries await me as I walk this path of my ancestors? I've only just begun ...

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