Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Art Of Magic

כ"ד באב תש"ע
Lughnasadh 25

Tonight I drew the twenty-third rune for my personal runerow - Kenaz, the k-rune, the torch. Kenaz is the force of controlled fire, occult female secrets, esoteric knowledge, regeneration through death or sacrifice, the ability and will to create, the ability and will to control energy and the ability and will to master the technical aspects and artistry of magic.

The Universe is so in tune with what happens in my life. Importantly, this directly speaks to the magical operation I performed earlier today. So mote it be, אמן.

Runerow entries:

Runes 1-3: Transmission of a Sacred Secret
Rune 4: The Wholiness Code
Rune 5: Mysteries of the Staircase
Rune 6: The Ship of Safe Passage
Rune 7: The Ætheling
Rune 8: Communication
Rune 9: The Nature Of My Work
Runes 10-11: Wyrd Shema
Rune 12: The View From My Room
Rune 13: Thurisaz On The Falling Man
Rune 14: Power To Do It
Rune 15: Wyrd Preparation
Rune 16: Mother Of Manifest Blessing
Rune 17: By Force Of Destiny
Rune 18: The Othala Force
Rune 19: Secrets Of The Name
Rune 20: Vardlokkur
Rune 21: Alchemy Of The Word
Rune 22: The Binding Power Of Blæd, Blyss And Byrg Geniht

Dare to be true to yourself.