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Secrets Of The Name

ט' בטבת תש"ע
Grael 11

December 23, the Celtic calendar day of the secret of the unhewn dolmen, I drew the rune of gestation and energy transformation, Ingwaz. Then, I dreamt a dream (One Name).

Yesterday, on spirit cords, I read in Wheel of the Year, Living A Magical Life (Pauline Campanelli):

The purpose of this cord, like the circle it represents, is to contain power. These cingulums, or cords, are often knotted and are specifically four and a half feet in length, so they can be used as a compass with which to measure inner and outer circles. This cord has an ancient history and appears in some of the earliest Egyptian texts as the oval that surrounds a cartouche, or name, separating it from other hieroglyphics. The oval around a cartouche is in fact a cord tied with a knot, and its purpose is to contain the magical power of the name.

My black handbraided spirit cord (also called a cingulum and a witch's ladder) is as tall as I am. Yesterday, on my spirit cord, I measured to a point of four and a half feet, and marked that point by tying a knot interwoven with handdyed sunset sparkle black ribbon into the cord. With this point now marked, my spirit cord is now prepared to mark the boundaries of a traditional nine foot magic circle.

Last night (the night of the ninth of Tevet) I wore my spirit cord to bed and dreamt.

I was beautiful in my dream. I climbed a ladder to get to a school I was attending - the building of the school was like my old high, state university and grade schools combined. I was sitting in a college physical chemistry classroom (which looked like my sixth grade classroom) and had just completed the college physical chemistry coursework.

It was now time for a new year of classes. I had been scheduled in the system for college microbiology, but I had already taken that class in a past year. So, I left the classroom where I had completed college physical chemistry and went into the hallway (which looked like one in my old high school). I walked across the campus (which looked the campus of the state university I attended) and into the office where class scheduling changes are made. In place of college microbiology (which I had already taken), I took an advanced level course - that course was a Goddess Chemistry course.

After making the change to my schedule of classes, I walked outside onto the campus. I felt a rumbling behind me - someone with power was not pleased that I had signed up for Goddess Chemistry. That person's displeasure was directed at me through a curse upon the campus ground. The curse directed the ground to collapse in upon itself (thereby swallowing me up in it - as Korach was swallowed up in Bamidbar 16:30). But, the ground upon which I stood didn't collapse - I was left standing upon the summit of a mountain floating suspended in midair (like one of the floating mountains of Pandora in the movie Avatar, and as described in the mystical teaching on the hebrew letter yud). I looked around, my floating mountain was among a sea of floating mountains.

I woke up, washed up, got a drink of water, made my bed and drew the rune Ehwaz, the rune which harmoniously unifies dually arrayed forces (such as the body and its souls). Pronounced ay-wawz and ay-woh, Ehwaz has the phonetic values of the English e and Hebrew hei (ה).

Ehwaz is the nineteenth rune in my personal runerow.

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