Saturday, December 12, 2009

Called Up By Goddess

כ"ו בכסלו תש"ע
Shamash 28

A friend of mine inquired this evening as to the potential meaning of a dream in which her teeth are shattered. While we are each the ultimate masters and mistresses of our own dreams, I too, have had recurring "teeth dreams" ever since I was a little girl (and I am now a grandmother of six). Consequently, I am inclined to believe that my own significant experience with "teeth dreams" qualifies me to interpret such dreams in a general manner.

Generally, the turnover of teeth can represent a period of powerful change or transition driven by the Divine Feminine force of fire. Teeth dreams are good dreams signifying that Goddess is driving forward a major transition in one's life. Goddess is calling the dreamer up to the task of further spiritual development, to do greater magic.

When teeth are shattered, this usually signifies that our illusions are about to be shattered. How strongly we hold onto or how easily we surrender the illusions Goddess wishes to remove from us largely determines how painfully or peacefully we may experience the transition through which our illusions will be shattered.

Letting go of our illusions is a very important part of spiritual development - to be engaged and challenged by Goddess to do so is a challenge that is merited in some way. Only the worthy are called up to the test.

Teeth are also directly related to time, and specifically to the witches' wheel of the year, through the Hebrew letter shin (ש).

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