Saturday, December 05, 2009

The Comet

י"ח בכסלו תש"ע
Shamash 20

I just dreamt it, and I woke up to record it.

Following me - he thought I was crazy, a fool even, for going so far - they would kill me for going so far. But so far, I went - with an unequaled awesome singleminded determination. And he followed me there - and when he arrived at where I had gone, I was standing on a mountaintop summit high within the clouds of heaven.

He climbed up and peered up over the ledge from where he was climbing up, and there I was - standing a Queen - and upon the mountaintop summit directly opposite mine, there it was - he beheld it and was amazed - the comet never before truly beheld by mortal eyes! At the summit of the comet stood a mystical palace. The comet-palace spoken of only in myth truly existed! and never before had it been beheld by mortal eyes, yet now, he the Prince beheld it! He climbed over the threshold of the ledge leading to where I stood upon the mountaintop summit and stood beside me a King, beholding the sight with me. The palace structure stood erected upon the summit of a comet!

The palace had a strange name and odd shape. (In my awakened mind, the nearest idea I can find to the shape of it is of an old 1940's-style radio with the taste of raidho. The strange name written on the face of the palace eludes description, but it was as uniquely and awesomely magical as is the palace on the comet which no mortal eyes had ever beheld until now.)

Next thing I knew, now they, whom he had thought would kill me, were no longer seeking to kill me, but were helping him instead. He now had a new awesome spaceship, and they were cheering him on - for he had found the magical comet and the palace on it. He was on his way there, flying to where no man had gone before.

I woke up.

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