Saturday, December 26, 2009

Walking On Fire [Kindle Edition]

The Kindle Edition of Walking on Fire may now be purchased at

Iconoclastic explorations of a Kabbalistic Witch of Celtic, Germanic, Jewish and Native American ancestry.

Blog Description:

Dare to be true to yourself ... Walking On Fire is the online written record of an eclectic solitary witch who dares - and whose nature-based ritual practice incorporates elements of Kabbalistic Judaism, Celtic Witchcraft, Germanic Paganism, Druidry and Native American Shamanism to wyrdly weave the elements together into a unique, inseparable and extraordinary wholeness. Many of the written studies focus using mystical-magical alphabets - including Hebrew, Ogham and Runes - to channel creative consciousness.

A witch born of known Welsh, British, Irish, Germanic, Jewish and Native American American (Cherokee and Potawatomi) ancestry, the Witchblood which runs through this witch's veins is a beautiful tapestry of many peoples. The spiritual traditions of all of her ancestors are legitimately her own. Blessed are the Ancestors, Descendents and the collective Folksoul of all her peoples through this pathworking.

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Dare to be true to yourself.