Sunday, August 08, 2010

The Camps Beyond The Fence

כ"ח באב תש"ע
Lughnasadh 29

Last night I dreamt a complex dream in three parts.

First, a small group of men were fixing a train track. One man standing on the track leaned over and made the final repair to the track, then indicated to another man to wait to turn on the electricity which powered the track until he himself got off the metal of the track and out of the way. He didn't want to be electrocuted when the juice moved through. The man on the track moved away from it, and the others turned on the power. A fast moving train came into view, slowed it's speed as it approached, and rolled with weight over the place where the track had been repaired. The repair held. The train continued to slow and then stopped, it's front engine car coming to a rest right in front of me. [Never before in a dream, has a train ever stopped benignly in front of me. Usually, I'm trying to avoid being run over or smashed by one, but in this dream, the train stopped smoothly at my feet.] Something was ready now.

Second, a really odd dream inclusion - there was a ship constructed of a blend of things I had made which included snake essence (see here and here). The snake was a dangerous ingredient which kept growing, but I cut the two ends of it as they would poke out windows of the ship like growing hairs, keeping the whole blend in perfect balance.

Third, suddenly, I was standing on the sidewalk outside (where I am currently living) with someone I had been paired with. We were to go on a very dangerous journey to someplace few knew about and from which few had ever returned alive. It was another test. Most thought we would be killed during this test, but without a doubt I knew we wouldn't be. This place to where we were to journey and return (proving our survival to those sending us) lay beyond the hedgerow fence and the plain fence at the edge of the property of my home. This place had a name (see below) and it was located south of our position. We were sent and told not to stop until we got there.

At some point in the distant past I had built a hidden protective nest-like hiding place along the inner side of the plain fence on the south property border near where it joined with the hedgerow fence on the west border of the property. No one knew about the hidden nest-like structure I had built there - except my companion. My companion motioned me to follow him into this protective nest for the night so that we could start our journey refreshed in the morning. I did. My companion thought we were disobeying the order of those who sent us for stopping to rest for the night in my hidden nest. I thought so too at first (but by the time I woke up and wrote of it, I understand it differently* now).

The place we were journeying to had a name in my mind - it's name was ננשׂון - I visually saw these letters of the name in my dreaming mind. It was pronounced something like Nĭnasōn. The "place" we had been sent toward consisted of a group of three distinct camps beyond the fence. The leader of the first camp we would journey to might kill us if he knew my companion and I were paired - my companion told me - so my companion asked me to not to tell the leader of our relationship, but to let him think we were just traveling together - and though he didn't say it - he meant for me to tell the leader that we were like brother and sister, not companions. If the leader of that place knew we were paired companions, it might stir up trouble for us.

I woke up, reminded of Abraham and Sarah's and Isaac and Rebecca's journeys to Gerar. Gerar (meaning "dragging down, grinding circularly") begins with the magical letter gimel which has a gematria of three - like the three camps which together, in my mind, are a place contrarily called ננשׂון. The shoresh of this place-name is נשׂא with a שׂ, meaning "raising, lifting, appointing, sustaining and leader."

Importantly, the place in my mind has no power to stir up trouble for us. It's name is ננשׂון and not גְּרָר. See then that in this place, we are not dragged down. On the contrary, we are raised up to be leaders.

Note *We were never meant to stop in גְּרָר, and we stopped when we arrived there, in ננשׂון.

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