Wednesday, August 25, 2010

In Living Magic

ט״ז באלול תש"ע
Belz 17

Last night, following creating CRYSTAL VISIONS Scrying and Divination Incense under the Full Moon (ב) during the planetary hour of Jupiter (ת), I dreamt.

After returning home from checking on another woman's well being, I was in my house (which was also my place of business) sweeping my room (like witches do). My eye was caught by a movement of light and dark. I looked up toward the window. Even though bright natural sunlight filled the room inside, between the cracked open curtains at the window, I saw that it was completely jet black outside. It was so black outside there was a total absence of light, like reverse light - thick, opaque, impenetrable from the outside. It wasn't frightening at all. In fact, I felt completely protected inside by it - it surrounded my room, my light inside the room and me as I swept and went about my business in peace.

I woke up.

As the photo demonstrated light-capture through the craft item and my dream further revealed it's connection to reality, it's clear that my handmade ritual incenses and other witchcrafts are not just crafty creations but are truly magical tools in communication with a unified multiverse.

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