Monday, June 11, 2012

U5b1b Vs. U5b1b1

In follow-up to my earlier post, using a chart at Family Tree DNA and comparing them again my own known HVR-1 and HVR-2 mtDNA genetic markers (namely 16093.C, 16189.C, 16270.T, 73.G, 150.T, 263.G, 315.1C), and still waiting for my Control Region markers as determined by Full Sequence (FS) mtDNA testing, I can easily predict that my U5 subclade is very likely going to be U5b1b(1), a subclade shared by the Saami of Northwestern Europe and the Berbers of North Africa (an mtDNA match for me through Roots For Real). I don't have the HVR-1 mutation at 16144 (exclusive to the Saami and not shared by the Berbers), so I'm rather doubtful that I my FS results will place me into the further derived (Saami-specific, Berber-excluding) U5b1b1a subclade of U5.

My prediction is further supported by all the genomic links I have (both autosomal and mitochondrial DNA) to specific parts of Finland, Norway, Sweden, Russia and Asia as do the Saami, and given both the Saami and I tend to be outliers on many world population graphs, I think it's pretty clear that my Northwestern European motherline came through and from among the Saami.

A recent genetic link between Sami and the Volga-Ural region of Russia

Studies of multiple DNA markers have confirmed the overall similarity of Sami with other European populations, but some genetic markers yield results that are consistent with a genetic contribution from Asian populations, distinguishing Sami from the peoples of Southern and Western Europe.

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